In this elearning activity, our group has learnt of how the lives of the Chinese were lead in the ancient days. What we have enjoyed most in this task is the coincidental meetings of classmates as well as schoolmates. However, challenges also emerged for example the way to the Asian Civilisation Museum as the map given on google maps was not detail enough, thus, our group took thirty minutes to an hour trying to locate the Museum only to realise that other groups were already wrapping up for the task. However, we think we should carry on with activities like this as we would be able to learn how to be independent as well as learn of the landmarks all around the area. Nowadays, even students like us have google maps on our phones so we do not see a problem in this activity once we familiarise ourselves with the route. One area of improvement my group could do was to plan everything out first before setting out to the actual place. Things were not planned in detailed and we wasted much time finding out what to do. But this in an overall is a very good experience for us.

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