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The Singapore River

The Singapore River is a river in Singapore with great historical importance. It is the place where Raffles made it the first trading port in Singapore.The Singapore River flows from the Central Area, which lies in the Central Region in the southern part of Singapore before emptying into the ocean. Nearly all the land surrounding it is commercial and it is the most famous river in Singapore.

Some of the Attractions along our route:

Coleman Bridge

Coleman Bridge is a brick bridge constructed over Singapore River. It replaced an iron bridge and is considered to be one of the most attractive bridges.

Riverside Point
Riverside Point is a venue by the beautiful historic Singapore River.

Hill Street Police Station
Old Hill street police station is the site for Singapore’s first jail.

Anderson's Bridge
Anderson's Bridge is a vehicle bridge that was built across the river in 1910.

Asian Civilisations Museum
The museum specializes in the material history of China, India, South Asia and West Asia and the diverse ethnic groups of Singapore’s ancestry.

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