Change and Continuity

In Olden Times:

The city of Singapore grew around the river mouth and became the center of trade, commerce and finance. It was the heart of business and trade.
It was here that the Chinese lived, on the south bank, the Malays in Kampongs further upstream, and the Indians used to reside until the Chinese forced them out.

The Singapore River has an extraordinary story waiting to be told. With remnants of the past scattered here and there. 
The Singapore River is still one of the busiest, expensive and economically important piece of land today. There is hustling and bustling all over, with office workers walking around without a second to lose. Businesses and shops are open and are high in business. Whether it is a small ice cream vendor, candy or fashion outlets or high end restaurants, it is clear that the Singapore River is one of the most economically vibrant places in Singapore.

The Future of The Singapore River:

By the looks of the business, shopping and office activity going around the Singapore River, the only future it seems to have is to continue to economically grow. It’s surrounded by major tourist attractions and shopping districts. In the near future, we can all expect The area around the Singapore River to continue to reach new heights for the better.

Asian Civilization Museum (China)
The gallery was filled with many ancient, wonderful splendors that manage to tell so much about the chinese past.
Little did we know that many of the responses by the chinese contributed to some of the changes that occurred in Singapore. The chinese played a big role in our cultural change. They way we ate food and what we ate were wholly based on them. The way we made our arts too. The chinese used to paint beautiful designs on fragile china that we culturally treasure and use for special occasions today. 
-Some of the Artifacts 
Bronze Basin

-The Bronze Basin was used to hold water during ablutions and baths. It was mainly for the rich.It was also used to hold ice at receptacles.
Differences in modern day version
-It is made out of very fragile ceramic. Now, people will never use such fragile materials to hold water.
-Nowadays, we never use basins to store water. Water just comes flowing out of the sink anytime at our convenience.
Large Family Rose Dish
-To serve expensive family dishes. 
Differences in modern day version
-Nowadays, we do not use china as often to serve dishes. We can also use glass and plastic.
-In modern times, we do not hand make every single one of the dishes. They are not so expensive and not much effort is needed.
-Not much skill is needed either. Many of the plates nowadays are made in factories by machines.
Da Wan Cha (大碗茶)

-A big bowl to drink tea.
Differences in modern day version
-Nowadays, people do not drink from such big cups.
-Used to eat noodles now.
-It is not so expensive to drink tea.

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